The Way of The Horse on Horse & Country TV

The 2014 The Way Of The Horse is proudly supported by Horse & Country TV. Airing on Sunday the 15th of March 2015 at 830pm.

The Way Of The Horse (TWOTH) – Australian Horsemanship Challenge is a three-day, young horse “starting” contest that is unique in this country. During the challenge, three of Australia’s leading horse trainers demonstrate their highly personal and specialised methods of connecting with an unbroken horse.

In this electrifying horsemanship contest, the action begins right from the start. After choosing their young, unstarted horse from a selection trucked directly from the paddock to the venue, the three trainers work simultaneously in separate round pens, giving the public a unique opportunity to compare starting methods and training styles. Contestants are judged by a respected panel of Equestrians, who award individual points for techniques used to determine the winner.

TWOTH was initiated in 2005 by EQUITANA Australia, as a way to showcase a kinder and more caring way to start a young horse, so that it becomes a willing and happy riding partner. The trainers chosen for challenge have the same ethos.

This years finalists are Bianca Gillanders, Bruce O’Dell and Kane Lamperd. Dont miss this incredible event held over all 4 days at EQUITANA Melbourne this year.


2012 Champion – Ken Faulkner (Contestants: Paul Clarkson, Naish Hogan)

2011 Champion – Greg Powell (Contestants: Dan Maloney, David Manchon)

2010 Champion – Adam Sutton (Contestants: Steve Halfpenny, Chad Brady)

2008 Champion – Dan James (Contestants: Warwick McLean, Shane Ransley)

2005 Champion – Guy McLean (Contestants: David Simons, Janette Wilson)

The Way Of The Horse is a real hit with overseas audiences and has received rave reviews from Horse and Country TV (UK) viewers. Horse fans in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France, Belgium, Germany, Holland and Malta loved the 2010, 2011 & 2012 TWOTH programs. The Way of The Horse has also aired in the USA.