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 The Horse Rush Story

Horse Rush TV was born out of our love of horses.  The year was 2003 and I was working as an actor and taking documentary production courses.  Joe at the time was also taking these courses with me.  As horse owners we where in awe at all the horse TV shows available in the USA.  On our return to Australia we made some enquires at a local network and they asked us to make a Horse TV show and they would air it.  That is when our long journey began in October of 2003. Since that time we have travelled all around the world filming educational segments for our viewers with the best horsemen and women in the world.  We recently filmed at The World Equestrian Games in Kentucky 2010 and are currently working on our first documentary film Marwari – War Horse of the Maharaja due for a 2013 release, filming in the USA, India and the UK. We have a wonderful crew that have been with us for a very long time.  In 2004 we where the first Australian Horse TV show to air in the USA on 2 networks RFD-TV and Horse TV.  We where the only Australian Horse TV show on air for nearly 10 years from 2003. We where the first Australian horse website with video on our site.  In 2004 there where hardly any horse websites in Australia.  We where also the first Australian horse journalists to film the Marwai horse, the Indigenous Horse of India and ride the Marwari horses in Rajasthan India 2004.  This was one of our most popular episodes and one of our most memorable experiences to date.  February 2012 we return to India with an award winning crew to film the Marwari horses documentary. We are now up to Horse Rush TV Series 4 which returns to air October 2012 in Australia, USA & UK.  We would now like to thank some of our business associates, cast and crew that have made Horse Rush what it is today. – TATIANA & JOE

Special Thanks

Equitana Australia, Equine Excellence Magazine, Hoofbeats Magazine, Worlds Best Hoof Oil, Sally Lasater, RFD- TV USA, Aurora Chanel, CH 31, Horse TV, Aron, Pat, Sam, Luke, Adrian, Andrew, Max, Alfonso, Colleen, Leanne, Carlos, Andrew, Mark, Vezden, Natasha, Dr Grahame, Dr Tony, Tony, Manolo, Kate, Chantele, ADZ, Paul and all the cast & crew to date. Uploading 11 years of filming with over 500 hours of footage to our You Tube Channel!


Horse Rush TV Episodes Guide SERIES 3 2010


EQUITANA AUSTRALIA ALL STAR CLINIC – Featuring Australia best instructors in Reining, Dressage, Eventing, Campdrafting and Jumping.

VET SEGMENT – Equine Vet  Dr Graham Jefferies talks to Joe about Choke.



Phones: 1300 653 266 or 03 9799 3299



VET SEGMENT – Equine Vet Dr Tony Hanergraaf shows does some Chiropractic moves on a horse.

Tony’s Practice

(03) 5427 4344
12 Anslow St, Woodend VIC 3442, Australia

Equitana Asia Pacific


EQUITANA DRESSAGE KUR – Featuring Australia’s top level dressage riders.

THE BAREFOOT BLACK SMITH ANDREW BOWE – takes us through a basic maintaince trim and fitting horse boots on Goldie for trail riding.

Andrew and Nicky Bowe
03 5773 4306



EQUITANA DRESSAGE KUR – PART 2 Featuring Australia’s top level dressage riders.


BUCK BRANNAMAN SPECIAL – Featuring interviews, training segments in horsemanship and his only Australian clinics. Buck Brannaman is one of the best horsemen in the world today and was the inspiration for the novel and movie “The Horse Whisperer’. Wayne Anderson is the Australian agent for Buck Brannaman Contact: Phone: 0418 538 812


Geoff Culverwell horse massage therapy, Marwari Horses India, Tent Pegging filmed at the World Equestrian Games Kentucky USA and ‘The Hocking Stuart Cup. Polo in Albert Park Melbourne. Contacts: Geoff Culverwell: Marwari Horses:


Heath Ryan clinic filmed at Auction with the Stars. Andrew Bowe and Joe look at Navicular Disease. Andrew Bowe: Auction with the Heath Ryan:


World Equestrian Games Special filmed live in Kentucky USA and 5 years of our best ever bloopers.


Series 2 /Episode 1.

Lead Changes/Melbourne Cup 2003/ Dr Jeffrey Foreign Body Surgery.

Lead Changes is a training segment with  Victorian Horse Trainer Carlos Tabernaberri.   The Melbourne Cup 2003 Horse Rush interviews  3rd Place Jardine’s Lookout and companion pony Henry at the track on Melbourne Cup day.  Dr Graham Jeffrey removes a foreign body from a horse’s leg.

Series 2 /Episode 2.

Marwari Horse filmed in India/Horse Air Transport/Choke with Dr Jeffrey.

Horse Rush flew to India to film the Marwari and take part in a 12 day ride/tour of India.  Most horse owners would never fly their horse in their lifetime so we went down to the airport for a shipment of very expensive racehorses.  Dr Jeffrey talks to Joe about Choke and how to prevent it.

Series 2/Episode 3.

Waler Horse/Carts Competition/Dressage training segment.

Natasha visits the Waler horse breed.  From the Barastoc Horse Show we look  at the Carts competition.   Professor of Classical Dressage Manolo Mendez goes through some Dressage basics.

Series 2/ Episode 4.

Australian Halter Showcase-Reining/Horse Nutrition/Desensitizing Your Horse Training Segment

The biggest Reining show in Victoria including interviews with the winners.  Antionette Foster talks to us about what to feed our horses.  Carlos Tabernaberri teaches Tatiana & Goldie how to handle difficult situations.

Series 2/Episode 5

Horseland 3 Day Event 2004/West Rock Farm Tour.

Horseland 3 Day Event Olympic qualifier hosted by Olympic coach Heath Ryan.  We take a tour of West Rock Farm in Victoria that hosts a number of horse events during the year.

Series 2 2006/Episode 6.

Guy Mclean Training Segment/Marwari Horse Breed/Horse Dentistry

Guy Mclean live at the EquineXpo 2005 in WA.  We take a look at the Marwari horse breed from India.  Horse Dentistry and all the methods available to you.

Series 2 2006/Episode 7

Embryo Transfer/India Horse Ride/Pony Boy Interview Horse Xpo 2005 USA.

We look at the process of Embryo Transfer for the busy horse from the Cranbourne Equine Hospital.  Footage from our 12 Day ride in India on the Marwari Horse.  Joe interviews Pony Boy on what he’s been up to live at the HorseXpo 2005 in Sacramento California.

Series 2 2006/Episode 8

Weribee Pony Club/Dressage & Jumping With the Stars 2004/Dressage

Horse Rush visits the Weribee Pony Club.  Footage from the Dressage and Jumping with the Stars including Mary Hannah.   Manolo Mendez dressage segment.

Series 2 2006/Episode 9

Guy Mclean at the Rodeo/Australian Stock Horse/Whip Cracking.

Guy Mclean live from the Rodeo at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne.  We look at the Australian Stock Horse with Gordon Nash.  Whip Cracking in Australia.

Horse Rush TV Series1. Oct 2003


Equitana Australia: Equitana Australia

Carlos Tabernaberri: Whispering Acres Horse Starting & Training

Manolo Mendez: Manolo Mendez Dressage

Dr Graham Jeffries: Cranbourne Equine Hospital

Series 1 2005/Episode 1.

Carlos Tabernaberri horse starting/ Equitana Interview with CEO

Carlos Tabernaberri starts his horse Sai under saddle on our premiere broadcast in 2005.  The first horse trainer to do that on Australian television.

Series 1 2005/Episode 2.

Carlos Tabernaberri horse starting/ Part 2 of Starting Sai

Monty Roberts live from Equitana Brisbane

Series 1 2005/Episode 3

Manolo Mendez dressage work in hand Don Dario

Clydesdales of Victoria 

Up close with Fonz

Series 1 2005/Episode 4

Trailer loading Goldie.  Carlos helps Goldie and Tat with her trailer loading issues.

Melbourne 3 Day Event featuring host Heath Ryan

Series 1 2005/Episode 5

Tatiana interviews Pat Parelli to date Pat swears its his favourite interview live at Equitana Brisbane

Carlos introduces us to bit less riding

Series 1 2005/Episode 6

Live from Equitana Brisbane featuring Ulla Salzberger.

Manolo Mendez in hand training of Don Dario

Series 1 2005/Episode 7

Carlos Tabernaberri teaches us bareback riding.

Heath Ryan interviews Matt Ryan

Up Close with Fonz

Series 1 2005/Episode 8

Manolo Mendez training segment.

Dr Graham Jeffries Cranbourne Equine Hospital tour Victoria.

Highlights from Equitana Brisbane

Series 1 2005/Episode 9

We visit Macedon Lodge Sheila Laxton talks to Joe on all things racing.

Equitana highlights.

Carlos Tabernaberri horse training segment.

Series 1 2005/ Episode 10

Highlights from Series 1. Tatiana, Carlos and Joe thank our viewers.