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Tatiana began her media career with the prestigious Jill’s Casting Agency 1996 in Melbourne Australia. Tatiana has appeared in many Australian productions as a bit part actor including Neighbours, Good Guys Bad Buys, A Violent Earth, Various music video clips and Stingers on a recurring basis.  After assisting the producer on the set of Stingers. Tatiana decided that she preferred a life behind the camera.  Tatiana retuned to the Melbourne Film School and completed documentary film courses and approached Ch31 in Melbourne to make a Horse TV show in 2003.  After been told to do it herself the first series of Horse Rush TV went to air late 2003 in Australia and the USA.

After the second series of Horse Rush TV.  Tatiana and Joe headed to the USA to work on a reality television show based around Drag Racing.  Stephen Pullin and Jack Shaffer accomplished award winning producers took Tatiana & Joe under their wing and showed them how to make reality TV.  During 2009 Frazzica Productions launched 1320X Australia a spin off from the most successful car TV show currently in the USA produced by Pullin Television now Disruptive Studios.  After being contacted by a USA cable network about the Horse TV show, Tatiana decided it was time to bring the Horse Rush TV Series back to air.

Having recently been accredited to film at the FEI 2010 World Equestrian Games in Kentucky USA. Tatiana is currently in the final year of her Masters of Commerce degree from Swinburne University.  In her spare time Tatiana loves to spend time with the family & horses. Tatiana is currently based between Melbourne Australian and Las Vegas USA.





Joe Frazzica the driving force behind Horse Rush TV and Executive Producer in charge of Frazzica Productions Pty Ltd.  Joe has completed film production courses with the Melbourne Film School and was the Executive Producer of  Horse Rush TV Series 1 & 2. Joe has had a crash course in production under the watchful guidance of his good friend and business partner Stephen Pullin in Los Angeles USA.  Joe has worked on the set of many Pullin Television TV shows in the USA as a Producer and Cinematographer.  Joe has a natural gift for filming and managing large sets of up to 200 staff.  Currently working on various projects including 1320X Australia, Drift Rush TV and Horse Rush TV with various other corporate jobs.  Joe has grown into a experienced producer.  Recently Frazzica Productions has started holding motor sports events.  Joe has simultaneously ran a motor sport event and directed a shoot on the same day with a cast & crew of over 200.  Currently residing in Melbourne Australia.  Joe is working on numerous production projects. 

Joe is looking forward to filming the Australian Team at the prestigious FEI World Equestrian Games 2010 in Kentucky USA.  In his spare time Joe enjoys spending time with his family and the sport of “Drifting”.  He still holds on to his dream of becoming a Drift Pro and racing on the circuit one day.

“We have a great team of people that have been with us for many, many years.  They have seen all the ups and the many downs.  Production can be tough, but I love the drama.” – Joe Frazzica, August 2010




Andrew will be answering all your horse hoof questions and helping our viewers through the controversial subject of barefoot horses. Andrew began working as a farrier in 1990 after graduating from Dookie College (B.App.Sc). He is a master farrier with a difference. His business is quite unique, combining a lifetimes experience of traditional farriery with modern barefoot trimming techniques (training horses feet to be healthy enough and strong enough to be ridden without horseshoes). He now specialises in returning chronically lame horses back to soundness which he does with barefoot rehabilitation: restoring correct form and function (and therefore good health) to horses feet, but without the use of horseshoes. Known as The Barefoot Blacksmith he travels widely, teaching horse owners how they can help their horses grow and maintain healthy feet. The barefoot blacksmith sound horses naturally.



Horse Rush was fortunate to be granted the only Buck Brannaman television interview and rights to film his only clinic in Australia.  Buck visits Australia once every few years to teach and educate thousands of die hard horse fans and Australian horse trainers in his phenomenal natural training methods. 

In his interview Buck opens up about his turbulent childhood, his teachers and discusses some horsemanship questions.

Buck was performing trick roping in television commercials at the age of six, who has started over 10,000 colts in his 20 years of clinic work, and who not only served as advisor on the set of Redford’s The Horse Whisperer, but was in fact the primary role model used by Nicolas Evans when he crafted the best selling novel bearing the same name.

Buck’s goal for clinics is to try to get humans to understand as much about their horse as he can help them to understand. 

“I can’t be all things to all people. I’m trying to share with them my experience which is obviously quite a bit more that my students. I want them to understand the horse and where he’s coming from and in turn, his life in general.”

Buck believes people come to his clinics because they’ve already been in trouble with their horse.  They are sometimes afraid and have lost confidence.  Buck believes the only way to overcome fear and become confident is to be able to learn more about the horse and where it’s coming from. 

“After a few days of observing a horse and rider, if that person has been with that horse for a while, I know probably more about the person that they would like me to know.” – Buck Brannaman



Series 1.

Heath Ryan – Guest Host – Australian Olympian Representative

Manolo Mendez – Dressage

Dr Graham Jefferies – Vet, Cranbourne Equine Hospital

Carlos Tabernaberri – Horsemanship


Series 2.

Dr Graham Jefferies – Vet, Cranbourne Equine Hospital

Andrew Bowe – Farrier

Mark Burnell – Horse Dentist


Series 3.

Andrew Bowe – Farrier

Dr Tony – Vet

Buck Brannaman – Horsemanship